Bunnies Gone Wild

Bunnies Gone Wild

$24.95 USD

 The Peter Kane/Frank Garica "Wild Card" routine just became even wilder with Paul Romhany's routine Bunnies Gone Wild. Here is a fantastic close-up routine that uses specially printed cards that will fit perfectly with your business card stack and can be performed anywhere, anytime.

Have you ever been in the situation where somebody asks you to do a trick with a 'rabbit'. Well now there is no excuse as this trick offers the perfect solution. Magician brings out six cards showing a photo of a cute bunny rabbit coming out of a top hat, and one card with a photo of a sexy lady dressed as a bunny. When the bunny rabbit cards are touched by the sexy lady bunny they all change in to her.

Comes complete with Paul Romhany's handling for this version of Wild Card making it the perfect routine for most close-up situations.

Comes complete with special cards and full instructions.



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