Cookies Fortune

Cookies Fortune

$100.00 USD

 A modern and entertaining mentalism routine that will WOW any audience! 

You walk through the audience, having a few different spectators write numbers down on the back of your business card, you then invite a spectator to join you on stage, hand her the card and ask her to add the numbers together.

You bring out a Chinese Take-A-Way box filled with Fortune Cookies, two or three cookies are cracked open and the proverbs are read aloud.

The fortunes are then placed in to a plastic bag containing proverbs from all your past cookies. The box of cookies is placed IN FULL VIEW.

Another spectator then reaches in to the plastic bag and takes out one of the proverbs without revealing what it says yet.

Once these things are done you try unsuccessfully to read their minds. You explain that its just one of those daysand you should have known it too, because you went for Chinese last night and your fortune cookie told you to beware of large crowds today. Always listen to your Fortune Cookie.

A spectator is given a FREE choice of ANY of the other fortune cookies and asked to hold on to it. (note: these are REAL cookies sealed in their own individual plastic wrapping)

The spectator cracks it open and the saying on the cookie matches the chosen proverb the lucky number on the reverse side matches the total of the audience chosen number!

An AMAZING routine that includes:

  • Bag of Real Fortune Cookies (real cookies)
  • Bag of Gimmick Fortune Cookies (also real cookies)
  • Takeaway boxes
  • Special gimmick force bag
  • Detailed instructions

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