Lunch Date DVD

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Lunch Date DVD

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 Paul Romhany performs and explains his favorite routines from his book Lunch Is Served. The "Out To Lunch" principle is dedicated to changing the characteristics of an object that has been signed by a spectator. The trick, "Out To Lunch" is generally treated, appropriately, as a comedic trifle, but in this DVD you will find strong approaches, plots and presentations that take the principle to places that you have perhaps not explored or even imagined.

Truly magical moments are crafted from this workhorse of a principle, one that is exceptionally simple, but deceptively so. The routines in this DVD range from close-up to stand-up, with access to all the graphics needed so you can easily make up your own gimmicked business cards.

Time Change
Cookies Fortune
8 Ball Production
Business Card Switch
Knife And Fork
Bill To Orange
Coin On Card


"Based on his book, “Lunch is Served,” which he wrote with T.C. Tahoe, Paul Romhany presents and teaches six of his favorite routines that rely on the well known “out to lunch” principle. I agree with Romhany that the principle is powerful and the strong routines that he presents here are a result of applying the principle in an effective and creative manner.

With the principle as the basis of every effect on this DVD, it’s hard to describe them without tipping the secret. I’ll just say that Romhany provides some creative approaches and has applied some fun themes. As you would expect, most involve powerful changes and revelations (the card says something else after it’s laid on the table). He provides a means to download the graphics so you can print your own business cards to use in the effects. I particularly liked Romhany’s take on “card to orange” using the principle.

I like “Lunch Date,” an exploration of a strong method and some creative approaches. After watching this DVD, it got me thinking about lots of other possibilities.
" Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion

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