Menage a 3 by Michael Afshin

Menage a 3 by Michael Afshin

$250.00 USD

Michael Afshin and Roy Kueppers present "MENAGE A 3" with Gaffed coins from Roy Kueppers and the following Routines Taught by Michael Afshin!

The DVD comes with all coins needed to perform all of the Routines above. You will receive 8 coins in Total ( 5 High Quality Gaffed coins & 3 Regular Matching.)

You will learn the following routines:

* International 3FLY - An elegant routine using three very different coins. Each coin visibly travels from one hand to the other. Mike teaches his beautiful '3FLY' handling performed right at the finger tips.

* International Matrix - Using only his bare hands the performer causes three international coins to magically collect together under one hand and then instantly return again. Great magic & very easy to perform

* Envelope Matrix - A very baffling matrix routine using the same three coins and three sealed envelopes to cover each one. The three coins magically collect together underneath one envelope.
Mike's final surprise kicker with all three coins vanishing then appearing inside the three sealed envelopes is a real fooler.

Bonus routines.

* Mike's in the hand two coin transpo - Clean & baffling coin magic right in the hand of the spectator. A wonderful routine for the walk around performer.

* Ashfin's Retention Vanish
- Mike teaches his personal handling of this beautiful coin sleight.

* Please note all routines (retention vanish excluded) use a very special set of gimmicked coins. We have teamed up with Roy Kueppers to make these available to those that wish to obtain them. Visit Roy's website at to get your set of coins today - be sure to ask for the Afshin Menage a 3 Coin Set.


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