Instant Downloads

Instant Downloads

I am glad to offer an alternative to buying hard copy of my books and DVDs - this is where you can view things on your computer and read and watch off line. It gives you INSTANT access without the extra need to pay shipping.


I use an amazing application called REVIZZIT for SOME of the downloads - the others are PDF files. If you used REVIZZIT or you want to then download the reader and you can read and watch what you purchase whenever you like. There will be other well known magicians on there as well in the very near future as we all start to list our products there, so you will have access to a large library of magical products.

The benefits of using a product like Revizzit (it's a FREE e-reader) is that if I add anything to the book in the future you will get all updates for FREE! It also helps protect the product you have purchased so it can't be copied by anyone else. It is designed to be read on your computer. 

To download this reader visit and the world of instant downloads awaits you ....

As a special bonus I am also including in some books (such as Multiplying Bottles) the book PLUS the video so it's a two for one deal.

If you have ANY questions please email me.


The following are ready for Instant download.

- $25.00 - Includes live performance video plus instructions PLUS the Multiplying book filled with extra ideas on the Multiplying Bottles. The only book of it's kind.


  WORLD LECTURES NOTES PLUS VIDEO - This contains SIX of Paul's favorite routines from his World Lecture Tour. Also includes bonus video footage of his Chaplin Act plus Chaplin Rope Routine. Six effects are in this book plus video of the Umbrella Routine, Poor Man's Confabulation and Clean Sweep. Only $20.00


ENTERTAINING ON A CRUISE SHIP with Bonus Video. The Complete Guide to working on a ship as well as access to watch as 25 minute video of ship life from an entertainers perspective. Book and Video $20.00


BRIEFCASE ILLUSION- includes Video of set up of illusion and performance. Instructions on how to build this illusion as well as variations on performance. $20.00


COLOR CHANGING HANKY -complete book with several professional routines including Comedy Club routine. $15.00



KEYNOTE SPEAKING FOR MAGICIANS- The complete guide for magicians who want to get in to the profitable speaking market. $20.00


WINNING NUMBERS- The first in the Pro-Series line of books. Stand-Up Mentalism routine direct from Paul's act. $15.00


SIX CARD REPEAT- Original take on a classic effect. Only $15.00

- Rising Card - Pro Series 10. This e-book includes VIDEO footage of original instructions by Wayne Rogers PLUS video of Paul making this up step by step.

- An indepth look at this famous illusion- $15.00

MENTAL EPIC COMPENDISUM - the most comprehensive book of it's kind on this famous effect - over 350 pages.$30.00

WORLD LECTURE TOUR NOTES: 8 professional routines from Paul's act.