The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians

  • The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians

The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians

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 THE REAL DEAL - Survival Guide For Magicians 

by Paul Romhany

This book has been in the making for over 25 YEARS!  450 pages and 53 contributors from all over the world.

"Anyone who want's  to be a pro worker and learn  from one of  the best, this is the bible and you won't get better.Paul has covered everything in detail from A to Z. This is one of the finest books of its kind.Wish this was out when I started as a performer. Highly recommended a must in everyone's library get it before they run out." Neal Scryer

"A book EVERY SINGLE magician should own, this contains the REAL secrets to making a living as a magician
"  Andrew Gerard

"A practical, comprehensive book on how to be prepared and deal with all the mishaps and disasters that all entertainers experience. A book I couldn't put down." Richard Webster

For the past 25 years Paul Romhany has been traveling the world working every gig you can imagine. From a headline act on cruise ships, television to trade-shows and close-up in restaurants. This book contains the REAL SECRETS to making a living from performing magic. It is FILLED with hints, tips and stories on every subject you can imagine.  It also contains anecdotes from some of his travels that have happened to him during his amazing and illustrious career. During the very early part of his career Paul was fortunate enough to tour with  some legends of magic who shared advice that has remained with Paul since. From these experiences to his present day travels where in the first three months of 2012 he flew over 200 hours to perform around the world, Paul reveals the REAL DEAL when it comes to making a living as a magician.

This is a book that contains information that is worth more than ANY book you'll buy on tricks. An essential book for every entertainer. If you study this book you'll be prepared for any eventuality.

This book also contains stories and advice from other professionals including:-

Diamond Jim Tyler
David Seebach,
Jon Allen
Matthew Fallon
Adrian Saw
Bev Bergeron
Vince Haines
Shawn Farquhar
Peter Mennie
Dennis Michael
Don Campbell
Ray Lum
Lon Mandrake
Jon Kaplan
Eugene Lim
Jack Poulter
Bill Bishop
Mike Super
Glen Foster
Randy Charach
Paul Long
Geoff Williams
Chris Cox
Steve Warburton
Jamie Bentley
Ben Robinson
Christopher Berry
Jim Kleefield
Cris Johnson
David J Greene
TC Tahoe
John Fitzsimmons
Kyle Peron
Tim Scarbrough
Joe Leo
Richard Webster
Alan Watson
Michael James
Samuel Lamerson
Peter Mennie
Michael Grandinetti
Wayne Rogers
James M. Ridner
Peter Loughran
Nickey Fynn
Danny Archer
Carl Andrews
Eric Buss
Nick Lewin
Keith Fields
George F. Ledo

Foreword by Ben Robinson

A Few Stories From The Road And Sea
On the road at twenty!-
Ricki Dunnʼs Advice!
Be Prepared!
Contact Lenses!
the trusty thumb tip!
passports and visa!
The Commando Act!
Short Contracts!
The China Gig!
The Amway Crowd!
A Funny Story!
An Act or a Show - Whats the Difference?!
Television Stories!
Great Advice!
Microphone stories
Clean Shoes
Donʼt take anything for granted

General Travel Tips
Top Apps for Travel
Using Your Mobile Device Overseas
My Perfect Performing Case
General performing tips for beginners


Tips for Avoiding Jet lag
Advance Seat Assignment
Advance Attention to Safety
Advice for Traveling Alone
Air Quality
Air Sickness
Airplane Temperature
Aisle Seat or Not?
Allow for Delays Between Flights
A Use for Bookmarks
Collect air-points
Avoid Headaches and Ear Blockages
Avoid Liquid Shampoo and Laundry Detergent
Avoid Stiff Muscles
Backpack Essentials
Baggage Care and Attention
Bring Your Own Headphones
Budget Water Sense
Butter Too Cold?
Chamomile for Jitters
Chapped Lips?
Check In for your Flight Online
Choosing the Right Luggage
Cut out the Middleman and Contact the Airline Top Brass
Deep Vein Thrombosis on Long Haul Flights
Do not Delay! If you Lose Your Ticket, Report it Immediately
Dress Presentably for Upgrades
Essentials for Carry On
Evian Spray
Fear of Flying?
Food on the Plane
Free Luggage Labels to the Rescue
Getting the Meal You Want
Ginger for Motion Sickness
Help your Bags Arrive with You
How to Get Some Sleep on Your Flight
Identify Your Bags as Fragile
Jet Lag Rule: One Hour Equals One Day
Keep Track of Your Luggage with a Wireless Luggage Finder
Miscellaneous Tips for Air Travel
Moderation is the Key
Noise-Canceling Headphones
Prevent Lost Luggage
Protect Your Film
Protect Your Purse or bag
Remove Your Shoes
Safety of Airline Water
Several Packing Tips to Make Your Flights Easier
Tips for Contact Lens Wearers
Travel Mistakes to Avoid

How To Become A Better Performer!
Making More Money From Magic
Never Stop Learning
When You're Using a Microphone
Do a sound check
Know how the microphone works
The lavaliere mike:
Clip Rig Set-Up
The lectern mike: position yourself properly
Stand with good posture
Don't crowd the mike
A Guide To Buying A P.A. System
Portable Sound System for Performers
When You're Performing, Your Voice Can Be Your Most Important Tool
You Can Control Your Fear Of Performing in Public
Keep Your Audience's Attention
Stage Etiquette
Theatre Terms you should know
Check Out The Room Before You Perform
Maintain You Health while on the Road
How To Exercise While Traveling In A Vehicle
Tips for touring your own show
More Touring Tips
The Checklist
Facing the Hostile Audience

Tips for better business cards
Tips on Self-Promotion
How to use your website to get work
Social media tips for performers
Tips For Radio Interview

OVER FIFTY contributions from professionals all over the world.

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