Joys of Cruise ship work

Joys of Cruise ship work

 It ain't all glamour my friends. I'm currently writing this from an airport in Sydney Australia where I've sat for seven hours now waiting for my flight. I had to be out of my room at 8.30am and pick up was at 10am to the airport. Last night I was asked to do an extra show and decided to something I've never really done before - a FULL EVENING CLOSE-UP SHOW!! What a buzz that was. I checked out the theatre on the ship I was working and thought it really was perfect for close-up because they had large screens and TVs in the room to project it on to. I just had a card table, a deck of cards and some coins and did my entire evening show!! 

What a buzz and afterwards the cruise director came up and said she loved it and that should be a main show - it was so different.  I wish I could do it on every ship because I wouldn't have to carry any luggage or worry about bags getting lost etc. I've done Close-Up before on ships but not like this - treating as a proper evening show. Granted you can't do it on every ship so it's not something I could easily promote without prior knowledge of the layout of a ships theater. 

I treated the entire show as a 'show' rather than a series of tricks - there was a beginning, middle and end. Each effect was carefully selected from my repertoire to really play the room and fit the theme of my show. I couldn't have been happier with the way it went and will now try and focus on working on an evening of closeup.

Next week I'll have the blog back to normal with a few BIG announcements and back to product reviews. I did however notice that Hocus-Pocus has one of my all time favorite effects in as a collectors item!! It's the Custom Egg, Lemon, Orange & Canary Outfit from a Private Estate. I am SO tempted to pick up the phone and get this. It is without a doubt one of the best versions out there. This is amazing to get it at this price as well!!

If you've ever wanted to perform the classic Egg, Lemon, Orange & Canary trick, this is an awesome deal for the you!

It's literally been just but a few times ─ MAYBE!

DESCRIPTION: At any time in his act, the performer displays a birdcage with a live canary inside. The canary is removed from within the cage and dramatically vanished from within the folds of a handkerchief. The performer then takes an egg and vanishes it the same way. Next a lemon is vanished, however when the performer tries to vanish the orange, he finds the task to be quite difficult -- it won't disappear!

Taking out a knife, the performer proceeds to cut open the orange and inside he finds the lemon. Quite surprised, he cuts the lemon in half only to find the egg! He then takes the egg, breaks it open inside the cage and the live canary dramatically and visually reappears! Unreal!

This particular Egg, Lemon, Orange & Canary retails for over $1200....EASY!

Supplied with special bird cage, vanish cloth, custom black art tray to vanish the egg & lemon.'

Condition: Near Mint - appears to only have been used a FEW times.

She's a beauty!

If you've EVER wanted to own this effect AND get a great price, THIS is your grand opportunity!