Bill 2 Can Pro Series 5

Bill 2 Can Pro Series 5

$20.00 USD

 BILL 2 CAN x 2 (Pro Series 5)

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In this book Paul presents two different versions of his famous Bill To Can routines. His original bill to can routine lead to a two year run on a regular TV show in New Zealand. This comes with instructions and photographs on how to gimmick your own can as well as the word for word script Paul has used in his professional career over 20 plus years.
For the past 12 years Paul has featured this on high end cruise ships in almost every show, and during his professional career performed this in several thousand shows. What you have here is a solid, ten minute comedy act that is gauranteed to get laughs AND have a kicker ending.

Ideal for magicians how perform comedy clubs, cabaret, cruise ships, corporate or street shows



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