Copy of Switchboard Clipboard

$20.00 USD

From Wayne Rogers comes this amazing routine. A clipboard folder is brought out and a card is chosen. The performer shows one page on the clipboard with a picture of a thought bubble on it. Visually the thought of card rises up in the thought bubble on the picture. The magician then signs the piece of paper and hands it to the spectator to keep.

In this version of a Rising Card in picture the re-set only takes seconds. This is perfect for trade shows, private parties and those jobs where you don't have the time for much resetting between performances.

This book is a step by step instruction on how to make up this amazing effect with items you can buy anywhere.

NOTE: The e-book version of this routine includes VIDEO files with original instructions by Wayne Rogers as well as Paul Romhany step by step video on how to make one up - this is included ONLY in the e-version. To get this version click INSTANT DOWNLOADS.

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