Romhany On Stage

Romhany On Stage

$25.00 USD

 For the first time on DVD, International Award winning magician Paul Romhany performs and explains some of his prized stage effects from his act. This DVD was filmed around the world on cruise ships, theaters and television appearances.

Paul Romhany is an innovative, hilarious and highly original performer who has wowed audiences the world over. He got his start in his native New Zealand, earning a degree in music from Auckland University, followed by a piano certificate from London's Royal College of music. But Paul's passion has always been in magic.

Paul is experienced in comedy and close up magic but is most famed for his unique interpretation of Charlie Chaplin. His infamous Charlie Chaplin magic act is regarded as one of the most original and entertaining shows in magic today, all delivered in the silent film star's formidable style. This DVD is a mixture of silent-visual comedy magic from his Chaplin act and Romhany's stand-up comedy act.

On this DVD Paul performs and teaches the following:
Chaplin's Umbrella Routine - silent visual magic
Chaplin's Rope Routine PLUS Comedy Rope - a silent rope routine and Paul's stand up comedy version
The Dream Holiday - a stand-up piece of comedy mentalism
Ricki Dunn's Drink Trick - performance only
Linking Coathangers - performance only - silent comedy magic
Clean Sweep - Five minutes of comedy magic with a broom


"Paul Romhany's “Romhany on stage" as a couple of points that make this a good buy. One, you get to see a working pro perform on stage. Two, you get to learn some of his time tested pieces.

Paul has included on the DVD some pieces that are just for you to watch and enjoy. He cautions you to be inspired by these pieces and not copy them. His Chaplin character is pure entertainment to watch.

The pieces that Paul teaches are:

Chaplin Umbrella Routine: Taking the mutilated parasol and giving it a nice twist. For some stage workers (with a little thought on how to integrate it and make it work for your own character) this could be pure gold.

Chaplin Rope Routine: It is a nice rope routine . . . I am not sure that this routine really brings anything new to the table. It is a nice routine in a sea of nice rope routines. However, someone could really enjoy this particular one. Hint: (make sure you have Tabary's rope routine handy)

The Dream Holiday: This is Paul's working of Confabulation. Again, I did not see anything new for this routine; however, if you are new to confabulation it is a nicely constructed routine.

Clean Sweep: This is a very nice stage card trick that plays very fun and has a surprising finish. I can easily see many magicians quickly including this in their routines.

The DVD delivers exactly what is stated. Paul does a good job of explaining his routines. An added bonus is that he talks a little about what makes a good routine beyond the mere technique. I particularly enjoyed watching some of his act. For many neophytes to magic this alone could be a lesson in how to perform and connect with an audience.

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