Great gig booked

Great gig booked

 I had a call from my agent this week asking if I could fly to China for a corporate gig where I am to perform for the Royal Family of Monaco. Not often I get gigs like that! It's very exciting. I fly over there end of May for the one night then back home again. No matter how many times I travel I just never get used to it. My latest book is a 'survival' guide style book for performers. If you have any tips or advice when it comes to traveling, or any type of performance style then drop me  a line at


A Lifetime of Magic by Charles Gauci - Book

I have had the pleasure and honor of seeing Charles work, and perform some of his material. He is one of the most respected mentalists in the world, and his ideas have been performed by professionals the world over. This book is the PERFECT title because it really does include EVERYTHING that Charles has created. If you have any interest in mentalism then you MUST have this book. It is JAM PACKED with effects that have been in Charles's own personal repertoire during his long career. You only have to read what is in the book below to know that this is a book you will read over and over, and more importantly is a book you filled with amazing routines you will use!

Make no mistake, this book has the perfect title - A Lifetime of Magic is a life's work composed by one of magic's most innovative thinkers and equally brilliant performers.

Charles products have sold in the thousands! Why? They are practical, powerful magic that in most cases are easy to perform allowing them to become reputation makers. For years magicians worldwide were happy just to get his products, but now you will not only be tipped to how to make some of these great effects, you will also derive powerful benefits from Charles years of experience as a worker! Charles is one of the best teachers in magic and this is going to be a must have for anyone interested in magic, mentalism and/or psychics.

Charles Gauci reveals his most cherished secrets that have enabled him to make a very good living from entertaining for over 50 years. He has created some of the most practical, commercial magical effects which have sold all over the world and are used by top professionals everywhere.

There are a total of thirteen stage effects which he performs in his "Magic of the Mind" and "Mysteries of the Mind" shows. There are no pipe dreams here but killer routines that are reputation makers. There is enough material to perform two forty-five minute shows ranging from a small intimate audience up to one thousand people.

Both of his shows fit into a carry-on case enabling him to travel everywhere without worrying about lost luggage.

Charles practices what he preaches. With the exception of his memorized deck system, you will be able to perform all of the effects within minutes of reading the instructions. His creations rely on clever subtleties rather than sleight of hand. This enables him to concentrate on presentation.

There's no padding in this book. The 222 pages are packed with original effects, some of which have never been published before. There are also links to private YouTube video clips of various performances. It is a huge advantage to be able to see how certain effects are performed in front of a lay audience.

In total there are thirty-six effects ranging from stage, close-up, and roving. *C.G. Switch Box. This simple yet familiar to all cardboard gift box is cleverly gimmicked to enable you to switch cards or envelopes. Perfect for a Q & A routine.
Marked Deck System. Can you imagine the killer effects you can create with a deck of marked cards that you can read two meters away? Couple this with a memorized deck system and you have one of the most powerful tools any mentalist can have.
At the Races is another very commercial effect suitable for corporate performances. Great to use at trade shows to draw a crowd to your stand.
Rain Man. Perform this incredibly easy memory routine to one person or a thousand. This is a reputation maker and you will perform it within minutes with no complicated memory required.
Perfect Prediction is exactly that. A diabolical routine that kills!
New Super Sudoku will make you look like a genius. Further details: *Stage Mental Effects 13 Effects
Tools of the Trade 3 Effects
Miscellaneous Favourite Effects 8 Effects
Memory Routines for Stage & Close-up 3 Effects
Card Mysteries 11 Effects

I can look you straight in the eye and say that for any professional/semi professional mentalist this book is a must have in one's library. It has been priced to keep it out of the hands of the curious. Stevens Magic Emporium is the only distributor. No other dealer will be involved. This way we can control distribution to a certain extent. Charles Gauci is recognized by his peers as one of the most creative minds in magic.

Additional Details and Biography of Charles Gauci

In 2010 he was presented with the Dave Lederman Memorial Award for "Creativity in Mentalism" at the prestigious Psychic Entertainers Association convention.

Turning professional at sixteen years of age, Charles very quickly realized that to succeed in this tough entertainment business his act had to be different. Consequently, he began to create new and original routines.

"A Lifetime of Magic" is a treasure trove of thirty-six of his favourite effects from his two professional shows, "Magic of the Mind" and "Mysteries of the Mind." They include instructions of how to build seven of his top selling commercial effects thus saving you hundreds of dollars.

This book is aimed at the professional/semi professional entertainers. The material is well tried and tested over thousands of performances. You also have access to performance video clips on private YouTube.

It is often said that if you get one item out of a book, then the investment has been worthwhile.

We think that gems such as the C.G.Switch Box, Card Marking System, and his various reputation makers Memory Routines alone are worth the price of the book. Included is his new methodology for performing his best selling "Eye to Eye"


"This may be redundant, but I think Charles Gauci is one of the most creative, entertaining and professional psychic entertainers in the world. His output of killer mental effects constitute some of the most powerful material any mentalist could perform. Most important of all he is a true gentleman and I am proud to call him my friend."
- Larry Becker

"If you like being fooled - which I do - you will be delighted with the practical material in this book. His methods are direct and you will be delighted with the practical material in this book, His methods are direct and diabolical. This book is destined to become a classic.
- Barrie Richardson

"This book is a must have for any serious mentalist/magician."With 'Eye 2 Eye' Charles created a modern classic of contemporary Mentalism. Therefore I'm sure that Charles will exceed even the highest expectations with "A Lifetime of Magic" with many practical real-world materials and applications."
- Dr. Ralf Froehlich

"One of the greatest creative geniuses of all time. Whatever he does is real workers material."
- Nick Belleas, New York City performing mentalist and member of Psychic Entertainers Association.

"Charles's work in the field of mentalism is legendary. Having been a huge fan of his work for many years I can't wait to work my way through this amazing book. As a professional entertainer I am constantly on the look out for routines that are commercial, entertaining and very strong. Charles's work ticks all of those boxes."
- Paul Romhany

"Charles Gauci is a well respected name in Mentalism. He's an active member of the prestigious Psychic Entertainers Association and recognized for his leading edge innovations for our community. I'm anxious to review his book - "A Lifetime of Magic."
- Randy Schostag, Professional Mentalist & Craft Bibliophile, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The Boldly Go Box by Anthony Masi- EXCLUSIVE - PRE-ORDER

I LOVE this!!!! Paul Gross at shared this with me a while back and I told him to send mine as soon as it arrives!!! This is WITHOUT A DOUBT one of the BEST switching devices I've EVER seen! To top it off it's incredibly well machined and even though I know how it works it still fools me - to cap it off, it's so easy to use. This comes with some really fantastic routines, but I'm sure many will come up with their own uses for this.  The concept of this box is based on the idea  developed by Bob Kohler. 

Be sure to check out the video at

Pre-order yours today and SAVE! The price increases to $110 on April 23 as a No Discount item.

It's another Hocus Pocus exclusive!

Boldly go to new places with your magic!

There is an endless need in the magic community for utility devices that switch one item for another, and this little box will enable you to switch folded paper money, billets, playing cards - and other small items such as a coin, key, matchbook, etc. - without anyone being aware of the switch.

The "secret something" that gives the box its devious methodology is comprised of six separate pieces that work together effortlessly to execute a very bold switch right in front of your audience - yet they won't see a thing.

Each box is precision made by a master wood worker, and is constructed from cherry wood, metal, felt, velour and brass rods, and will last a lifetime.
Very easy to do
Based on a bold and devious concept originally developed by Bob Kohler
No electronics
Nothing to break
NOT a Kennedy Box rip-off
Endless possibilities
Quality craftsmanship by a master wood worker Although the uses for The Boldly Go Box are only limited to your imagination, included in the instructions are explanations for nine killer routines:

This classic effect has been updated with a very bold switch that your audience won't even know occurred. A spectator signs a playing card. After it is shuffled back into the deck, it somehow instantly vanishes only to reappear - folded - in the box that has been sitting on the table the entire time.

A spectator's signed dollar bill instantly vanishes and re-appears in a box of change sitting on the table.

A weird "coincidence" involving a matchbook, a playing card and a marker that will leave your audience stunned.

Predict which lottery numbers the spectator is thinking of.

Two cards are selected and folded into tiny packets and kept away from each other. One of them is signed with a marker. Instantly, they change places.

Divine the serial number on a borrowed dollar bill that has been folded and secured with a paper clip.

A quarter (or key) keeps jumping from your hand to the box and vice-versa. A nice routine that has the magician's props playing tricks on the performer.

A spectator selects and signs a card. You rip it into quarters and give her one piece to hold. Instantly, the remaining three pieces disappear and re-appear - fully restored - inside the box.

A spectator simply names any card - absolutely no force. You instantly open the box to reveal a folded card inside. When it is unfolded, it is the selected card.

The Boldly Go Box comes with three pages of printed instructions with photos detailing the handling of the box, as well as access to a video tutorial on the Internet to give you a thorough training on this devious little device.

Take your magic to new places with The Boldly Go Box!