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The loss of some very well respected magicians this November.

The loss of some very well respected magicians this November.

It was a sad month for the world of magic as we lost several terrific magicians. Matt Field was well known to many in the UK and was the past editor of The Magic Circular. David Maas, half of the well known quick change act David and Dania, succumbed to Covid-19. The great Walter 'Zaney' Blaney, entertainer and creator of the Blaney Ladder Levitation passed away at the age of ninety two (92). These gentlemen were passionate about magic and gave so much to so many throughout their careers. They will be missed by all who knew them. Thank you to Nick Lewin and Tim Drake for their tribute to Walter.


Vanish has a dual reputation as both an International and Independent magic magazine. This means we feature artists from around the globe more than any other publication, and we aren't afraid to have articles that are slightly outside the box. This was my goal from day one when I started VANISH eight years ago and it continues more so today. The world around us is constantly changing, having a magazine that reflects these changes will be important for future generations as they research the past. I would like to think many years down the road that when youngsters have to do a school project on "The Great Lock-down of 2020" that those who like magic will be able to find examples within the pages of Vanish, its affect on the entertainment business and what people did to survive.


This edition reflects both of my goals as we feature the incredible artist Malin Nilsson from Sweden. She is a remarkable performer with a unique view of our craft. It is an honor to feature her as the cover story.


I recently received an email from a reader who said they felt VANISH has done more to promote unity and diversity than anything they’d seen from other magazines or organizations. This warmed my heart, and it’s wonderful to see that in the past few months magic groups have embraced what we have been doing for the past eight years and are becoming aware. We continue to provide ground breaking articles covering numerous subjects from a variety of contributors situated across the world. In this issue Eric Walton shares what the SAM is doing with an on-line show called FLAVORS OF MAGIC. Felicity Fields continues her series on Diversity in Magic and gets the view points from two very different people at complete ends of the age spectrum. 


Connie Boyd’s chat with Diana Zimmerman, who paved a path for generations of magicians with her performances and continues to do so with her writing and producing is a must read. Ben Robinson is one of the most profound, ground breaking magician that I know. VANISH got the exclusive story of Ben's new book release and launch. If ever we needed an Outlaw Hero, the time is now and nobody is more qualified for that title than Ben.


Finally, a big thank you to Kevin Bethea. Kevin has helped open all of our eyes with his Black Lives Matter series. These stories are a must read if magic has an opportunity to move forward.


Stay safe and wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanzaa …


Paul Romhany



By Paul Romhany - Editor

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This issue our feature artist is magician, movie and television star Steve Valentine. In this interview by Chipper Lowell, you will find out how Steve went from one of the busiest magicians to one of the top working actors in television and movies in Hollywood. He also has some great tips for close-up workers.

JC SUM - Six Thinking Hats for The Magician

TELLER SPEAKS - an insight in to the recent Shadows lawsuit

MAGIC BABE NING - Working with female/male partners and assistants

DIAMOND JIM TYLER - Bamboozlers - learn a cool effect with a bottle and ketchup packet

LUCA VOLPE - Impossible Prediction - Italy's top mentalist shares an amazing lottery prediction effect

MARK PARKER - Logic and Reason - essay on performing illusions by Illusion Designer Mark Parker

BRIAN WATSON - Housekeeping? An essay on Cups and Balls which can relate to other forms of our craft

PAUL ROMHANY - Magic Reviews - a look at the latest effects and Applications

NICK LEWIN - The Magic of Cruising - a look at the inside story of getting on cruise ships

WAYNE ROGERS - 364 on 1 - a stand-up routine by Wayne Rogers

CRIS JOHNSON - The Success Series continues

PETER LOUGHRAN - Marketing Tips for Bizzarre Magic

RANDY CHARACH - Income Marketing System for Magicians Part 2

KIETH FIELDS - That should be ME up there!

KEN DYNE - The Revelation

LEE ALEX - Hermione - a costume change illusion

RICHARD WEBSTER  - a great card reading routine called, "Cards Of Fate"

KYLE RAVIN - The Transformation

BIZZARO - The Secret to Happiness

ANDREW GERARD - A Penny for Your Thought - a close-up coin/card routine  

TC TAHOE - A Very Good Year - card reading routine by TC Tahoe

BEN ROBINSON - Magic 24-7

NICK KOLENDA - Top 3 Rehearsal Tips

DANNY ARCHER - Routine called Barrel Of Fun - close-up coin routine

KEN RING - Glorius Stack - a memorized stack that is easy and great for ACAAN

KYLE PERON - A Magician's Constitution

ADRIAN SAW - Review of Lu Chen show in Hong Kong

DANNY WEISER - The Healthy Performer

The last issue was ready by at LEAST 30,000 magicians from around the globe, that we could track. We estimate our readership is probably well over 40,000 readers. With the amount of downloads we are still receiving from issue one, we believe that we will eventually end up with a target audience of 100,000 readers. Please share this magazine with your friends, colleagues and members of your local magic clubs. The aim is to promote magic in a positive light, and encourage us all to give better performances.


From the Editor - Paul Romhany