Away This Week

Away This Week

 This week we are away from Auckland as we prepare to move in to our new home at the end of March. It's been all go. For the past nine months we have been pretty much living out of suitcases due to our travels. We have bought a house just out of Auckland in an area called Stanmore Bay. it's a lovely area and walking distance to a lovely beach. We can't wait to get all of our belongings out of storage and set up a home.

This week I've been busy writing the new Pro-Series book, which will be on my Headling Prediction routine with the bonus of Cris Johnson's brilliant routine as well. Three routines all up in a booklet that is over eighty pages. It is the biggest book so far in the Pro-Series. It will be out next month.

I have 99% finished working on Performing Mentalism For Young Minds Volume 2. All the contributions are in and currently editing. The plan is to have that ready for April as well.

To top it all off I have been working on the BIGGEST project of my writing career - the launch will be end of March and will be shaking up the Magic World a bit. The project will be available to every single magician in the world and it WILL BE FREE!!!!! I can't say more but it's been in the planning stage for several years now. Stay tuned to this BLOG to find out more at the end of the month.



Elite Chair Suspension - EXCLUSIVE

This week I had my own Chair Suspension arrive. Hocus-Pocus have exclusive on this amazing version of this wonderful illusion. I've owned several versions over the years including the most expensive Bill Smith version. Bill's version was great, however it was extremely heavy and hard to transport. The first thing I noticed about this version by Jay Leslie is that is was light. I have owned other 'cheaper' versions made from plastic chairs but wouldn't use them in any of my shows because I didn't trust them. This version by Jay has to be the best on the market for an incredible low price. For a self contained one person illusion you really can't beat this! Jay supplies really well made props that you can trust.  The great thing about this is that it will support an adult without having to worry if it will fall. Jay has added a few improvements that really make this a great prop. Everything has been strengthened to hold the weight of an adult. I got this to perform for kids shows and promotional work but will certainly use this for adult shows as well. I am building this in to my Chaplin act as well. I can honestly say I've not seen a well built chair suspension like this before. It is without a doubt the best out there and any magician wanting to add this to their repertoire should look at this version.

Available from

This is with out a doubt the best Chair Suspension we have ever had the pleasure of offering.

For years we sold the European Chair Suspension because it was the best we could buy, but we had difficulty keeping it in stock. So, we had our builder custom make an updated Chair Suspension.

THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDFATHER'S CHAIR SUSPENSION. Our builder made it better! There are significant structural changes that now allow for a weight of up to 325 pounds. This gives the performer much more opportunity when selecting an audience member to be the participant in the act.

Five exciting improvements have been made to the engineering, making this the sturdiest Chair Suspension we have ever stocked. With the assistant centered, you can use adults or children with confidence.

Three never-before improvements have been made to the cloth. These range from an optical illusion of making the assistant appear suspended further away from the chair to the way the cloth hangs and how it hides that certain something better then ever.

Different and stronger chairs were used in the basic construction.

The carrying cloth had been simplified to drop over the top and buckle under the bottom then you just carry everything with a strap that goes over your arm.

This model has enough improvements to be considered "An advancement of the arts". All improvements were made by Jay Leslie, so you know a lot of time and effort was invested into thinking them out completely. All in all there are several never-before available improvements made to this standard illusion making it the NEW standard of the industry. After you watch the DVD and see Jay sit and effortlessly lay on the gimmick, without it moving, you'll know exactly whet we mean when we say that it's an advancement of the arts.

A complete set of detailed instructions has been created, including an exclusive DVD to show how to use your new illusion. Because this DVD is specific to the advancements on this model it is available only to those who take advantage of this exclusive offer and we urge you to do so while they are available.

Magician begins by placing two chairs on stage and places a wooden board across the top of both. He then invites anyone from the audience (up to 325 lbs) on stage to lie on the board. While holding onto the board at her feet, the magician removes the chair closest to her feet. Next, he yanks the board from under her, and she visibly remains suspended in mid-air with only her head resting on the top of the remaining chair! An impossible head-scratching illusion perfect for any type of performance venue!

Don't confuse this with any other type of chair suspensions on the market today. This is solidly built and one that you'll use in every one of your shows.

The gimmick portion of the chair is built of sturdy metal and this Chair Suspension can support a weight of up to 325 pounds, which means you can suspend either a child or adult without fear. This perfect illusion will fit in the back seat of your car for easy transport, enabling you to take it wherever you go!

Supplied complete with everything you'll need including a carry sheath.