China here I come

China here I come

Another busy week coming up - hence another short BLOG. Next week I'm off to China, Japan and Korea - busy times ahead so I'm very frantic packing as you can imagine.

MAJOR NEWS - VANISH - International Magic Magazine - and it's FREE

For some time now I've been teasing you all with a major announcement. Well it's ALMOST ready but I want to give you more of a sneak preview. For the past few years I've been working on developing a new concept in magic magazine. It's a magazine that you can download and read on your computer, e-reader, iPad etc. and it's FREE! The first issue will be ready April 1st and you can download it from a lot of sites on the internet including my own.

And now a sneak preview of contributors and articles - the idea of this magazine is to offer articles that will make you think about our craft, and hopefully inspire you to take magic to a new level.

The cover story is about Chipper Lowell - one of my all time favorite comedy performers - this interview has lots of wonderful photos plus an amazing story of a boy who was brought up in 'the business'. There is a great story of him traveling to New Zealand with his parents in a show when he was a young boy, then returning years later with his own show on tour.

 How is the value of a commercial magician measured? - JC Sum essay that will definitely make you think.

Evolve your magic - Magic Babe Ning tells us like it is from a female perspective.

Bamboozlers - Diamond Jim Tyler shares a bar trick with a can of Red Bull

It's Child's Play - Tony Chris AKA Zany Zak - an essay and effect for children's performers from one of the busiest guys in Canada.

Magic Trick Reviews by Harry Monk

The Magic of Mentoring by Nick Lewin

Wrong Number - an effect by Wayne Rogers from New Zealand

The Success Series by Cris Johnson - great tips on calling clients on the phone

Magic FaceLift - Illusion designer Mark Parker takes a well known mentalism illusion and gives it a makeover.

Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach - the Millionare magician gives away some amazing secrets

From the Desk of Keith Fields - a full time professional who writes with increidble thought and asks some really great questions.

Unprepared and Impromptu by Ken Dyne - well known UK mentalist talks about being prepared at all times.

Dear Pemela - a great effect by the one and only Richard Webster.

You Can't Buy Personality by Bizzaro - 

Karate Shadow by Gerard - an effect using a stir stick and a shadow

Tricks are For magicians silly rabbit - TC tahoe talks about connecting with the audience

Magic 24-7 by Ben Robinson - from the trenches with a real pro.

Real Coin in Bottle - a routine using a real coin inside a bottle by Ken Ring

Flying Carpet/Chair Suspension tips by Kyle Peron - he wrote the book (literally) on the chair suspension so we are excited to have him share tips with us in Vanish.

As you can see the magazine is filled with wonderful articles as well as loads of amazing photos and drawings for the articles and effects. We want every magician in the world to read the magazine as it's a way we can share our craft and try and improve our audience's perspective of what we do.

You can go on my mailing list to find out when and where to download by clicking on subscribe above, and I'll email when the first issue and other issues come out.

That's it for this week - back to packing!!

Paul Romhany