Currently in Hiroshima

Currently in Hiroshima

 I am writing this weeks BLOG from Hiroshima. My show the other night went really well. What amazed me was the fact that there was a huge wall of video screens behind me - it took the entire show to a new level. My one man show has a video montages and footage when I perform certain routines - such as snow. I have snow falling in the screen behind me and I finish by Chaplin walking in to the screen. Having this video wall behind me was AMAZING!!! One of the best reactions I've had in a long time. I was so pleased.

Tomorrow I will be exploring Hiroshima - will post a few photos next blog when I get home. 

The trip over to Shanghai was very long. I was booked and confirmed and had a contract but no airline ticket right up until 1.30am the day I was supposed to leave! My agent was trying to get my ticket but they booked it at the very last minute - I have no idea why. So at 1.30am I found out I was flying at 10am. I told them I was not prepared to fly at 10am because it would mean I had to stay awake and head to the airport. They then managed to get me a flight at 2pm so at least I was able to get a few hours sleep before heading to the airport. It was a long flight - close to 21 hours with a six hour stop over in Malaysia. I arrived in Shanghai and picked up by a driver - only to find out I was performing that night! Normally in a job I would fly in a day early and have a good sleep - but when you work internationally you learn to be prepared for anything. 

Fortunately the show went very well, even though I was exhausted. The show two nights later went even better so it's been good so far. I fly home in a few days after I finish up here in Japan.

Next month I'll be in India - again another VERY long journey ahead. Trust me, while it might sound glamorous it really is very taxing on the body - plus I really miss my wife and our little boy. This is the hardest part about being away so I'll be cutting back on travel. I am used to having Natalie with me on my travels and not being able to share it with her isn't as much fun anymore.


Well the book is ALMOST ready - actually it IS ready I just need to get back home to send it to the publishers. It's the final part of what has become a very enjoyable project. I had no idea soooo many people performed mentalism for children. I know I have done it since I started performing Mental Epic when I was doing kids parties at the age of thirteen - so I never questioned it.

No TRICK reviews this week as you can appreciate I've got very limited access to internet - so will get back to normal next week.

Happy Magic

Paul Romhany