The Ultimate Gig

The Ultimate Gig

Passing of a good friend and great performer

I received news while at an airport in Hong Kong that magician and friend Tony Blanco passed away last week from Cancer. I knew Tony was very ill but still the news of his passing came as a shock. Tony and I have been corresponding for many years, then we finally got a chance to meet when I lectured in Fresno California. 

Tony did an incredible act as Professor Blanco, complete with the most amazing bicycle with canopy I have ever seen! He really loved all aspects of our craft, including magic, juggling, and puppetry. I know we had our love for silent movie stars and vaudeville in common, and he loved reading books. I spoke to Paul Gross who said Tony had over 1000 books on magic. Tony will be missed by everybody who knew him and he will be remembered with much fondness for those you had the wonderful opportunity to see him perform.


This past week I was hired to perform for the new opening of MontBlanc in Bejiing China. It was one of most incredible gigs of my life - they spent over 5 million dollars on this event. The company just launched it's new line of Princess Grace jewellery. It was a star studded event with the Royal Family of Monaco in attendance as well as many A-list celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Jessica Alba and others. As Chaplin, I represented old Hollywood and walked the red carpet with the papparazzi going nuts, yelling "Charlie over here, over here."

One of the most incredible experiences of my life and certainly the ultimate gig. After I walked the red carpet I performed a small part of my act to the crowd, then went on to join in the VIP lounge and mingle with the guests. What a buzz. I did get some downtime to visit The Forbidden City. 

Photos include: On the red carpet as Chaplin, Nicholas Cage and other celebrities on the red carpet, TV documentary in China, The Forbidden City, my 'hand shadows', and filming the TV documentary while in China.

As you can see it was an amazing job, and the event organizers were really pleased with my work. We are looking at doing other work for them in the very near future.



I have been talking to Paul Gross at Hocus-Pocus and he shared with me the incredible amount of stock that has come in this week from a private estate. He has some really amazing items, from illusions to close-up, over 1000 books and everything else you dare to imagine. There was SO much come in that they had to open up the warehouse next door!! I suggest you check twice a day at the moment because their is so much going to go up - and all of it GOLD!

Below are just a few items that I think are real gems.

Through a One-Inch Hole Illusion with ATA Case - Private Estate 

From a private collector and used as part of the Stan Kramien tour.

An assistant is magically pulled through a one-inch hole in the side of a plywood trunk.

From Jim Steinmeyer's book "Device and Illusion" comes this illusion in excellent condition and will fit into your existing show right away! It packs flat and assembles in about 5 minutes! Supplied complete with locks, keys, curtain, collapsible curtain frame and custom ATA transport case which is worth at least $500.00 alone!

NOTE: Due to the size of this apparatus, special packaging, crating and shipping arrangements and charges will apply.

Remember; there's only one, and when it's gone, it's gone for good, so act quickly before it's too late.

Boretti's Knife Thru Coat - Private Estate EB

A man's jacket is borrowed by the magician and put aside for a moment.

He tells the audience that besides magic there is another way he earns money. This profession is knife-throwing.

The magician then displays a common throwing knife and asks the spectator not to move becuase he is trying to throw the knife along his left ear!!

At that moment, an "ear" drops out of the magicians pocket. The magician then says, "I missed last night. I immediately apologized but I think he couldn't hear it anymore."

Condition: Mint.

Complete with instructions.

National Magic Prediction Chest - Private Estate BB

Just acquired from a private collector this classic National Magic Prediction Chest is still one of the best.

A week before the show, a small, old looking chest in finest hardwood is deposited to The Mayor, The Notaries Public's, or the president of the company where you are going to perform. You never touch the chest again until the show is over and your prediction has turned out to be correct! When opening the chest for the first, the Mayor or the CEO takes out a piece of paper and reads the prediction out loud and clear from it! It is 100% correct!

Works perfectly. Just a turn of the key makes the "magic" happen.

A fine representation of this now classic effect. If you are a collector of Prediction Chests you'll want to add this one for sure!

Condition: Excellent.

Remember, there's only one and when it's gone, it's gone forever!

Cellini Gibecière - Private Estate

WOW - this is an incredible find for street performers. I recently attended a lecture by one of Cellini's students and the lecture was on the use of this pouch. Let me just say it changed the way I look at these. Anybody working street or close-up should seriously look at this - and also at Cellini's book that is now available.

Just acquired from a private collector this original Cellini Gibecière is the find of the century! It will hold tons of props as well as those large loads for the cups & balls or chop cup, all without looking bulked-out.

Hand made by the late Jim Cellini, this ultimate street performer's pouch is divided into two sections and will hold six oranges, a melon, Cups, balls, magic wand, cards, coins, balloons, and more! It is made of heavy, high-quality black leather with hand braided trim. The detail is amazing!

There is no doubt that Cellini was the king of street magic. This Gibecière was manufactured to his exacting specifications to last a lifetime and is an absolute essential for doing the cups and balls on the street with large-load cups. It is the best all around pouch for street.

Condition: near MINT, like new

Remember, there's only one and when it's gone, it's gone forever!