NEW BOOK Ready for pre-order

NEW BOOK Ready for pre-order

 The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians

Years ago a friend suggested I write a book containing many stories from the past twenty five years of traveling the world. I looked back and realised I have traveled to over 100 countries and had some incredible experiences. From performing for the Royal Family of Monaco to sitting in an African jungle one on one with the local 'witch' doctor:) I've performed every possible situation from comedy clubs, theatres, trade-shows, kids parties - even full scale illusion shows. As you can imagine, I've picked up lots of tips on travel, and show business in general. This book is filled with those tips as well as over 53 stories, tips and advice from other working professionals. 

The book originally started as a smaller book from my Pro-Series books, however it quickly grew to become the eipc book it is at over 450 pages! I'm extremely proud of this volume of work and know that there is something in here for every single person performing.

The book is finished and we are just waiting for the proof to come back next week then it will be available for everybody to purchase. 

This book has been in the making for over 25 YEARS!

"Anyone who want's to be a pro worker and learn from one of the best, this is the bible and you won't get better. Paul has covered everything in detail from A to Z. This is one of the finest books of its kind. Wish this was out when I started as a performer. Highly recommended a must in everyone's library get it before they run out."- Neal Scryer

"A book EVERY SINGLE magician should own, this contains the REAL secrets to making a living as a magician
"- Andrew Gerard

"A practical, comprehensive book on how to be prepared and deal with all the mishaps and disasters that all entertainers experience. A book I couldn't put down."- Richard Webster

For the past 25 years Paul Romhany has been traveling the world working every gig you can imagine. From a headline act on cruise ships, television to trade-shows and close-up in restaurants. This book contains the REAL SECRETS to making a living from performing magic. It is FILLED with hints, tips and stories on every subject you can imagine.

It also contains anecdotes from some of his travels that have happened to him during his amazing and illustrious career. During the very early part of his career Paul was fortunate enough to tour with some legends of magic who shared advice that has remained with Paul since. From these experiences to his present day travels where in the first three months of 2012 he flew over 200 hours to perform around the world, Paul reveals the REAL DEAL when it comes to making a living as a magician.

This is a book that contains information that is worth more than ANY book you'll buy on tricks. An essential book for every entertainer. If you study this book you'll be prepared for any eventuality.

This book also contains stories and advice from other professionals including:

David Seebach
Jon Allen
Matthew Fallon
Adrian Saw
Bev Bergeron
Vince Haines
Shawn Farquhar
Peter Mennie
Dennis Michael
Don Campbell
Ray Lum
Lon Mandrake
Jon Kaplan
Eugene Lim
Jack Poulter
Bill Bishop
Mike Super
Glen Foster
Randy Charach
Paul Long
Geoff Williams
Chris Cox
Steve Warburton
Jamie Bentley
Ben Robinson
Christopher Berry
Jim Kleefield
Cris Johnson
David J Greene
TC Tahoe
John Fitzsimmons
Kyle Peron
Tim Scarbrough
Joe Leo
Richard Webster
Alan Watson
Michael James
Samuel Lamerson
Peter Mennie
Michael Grandinetti
Wayne Rogers
James M. Ridner
Peter Loughran
Nickey Fynn
Danny Archer
Carl Andrews
Eric Buss
Nick Lewin
Keith Fields
George F. Ledo
Diamond Jim Tyler 


Human Phone Number 2.0 by Bob Kohler

This updated version is much better because the cards themselves are much easier to see on stage. The signs are also thinner which makes it much better for those of us who travel so much. The effect itself is KILLER and I know many professional mentalists and magicians who use this. The only downside of the original was the weight of the cards. The material used for the new cards (signs) is way better, and more visible on stage. The signs are white with black numbers, which makes more sense to me than the original which was reverse.

One of the reasons I love this is because it really gets the audience involved. You get 8 spectators on stage for a super strong ending. As an ending this is super strong to have so many people up there with a killer finish to an effect. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

HPN 2.0 Upgrade Details

HPN has been unavailable for over one year. The major upgrade is complete. We've completely rebuilt the signs. The new signs still are matte finish so that spot lights don't cause reflections. The materials have changed for the better. The signs are the same size, 9" x 11" but they are much thinner, exactly half as thick.

The benefit is two fold. The signs now weigh less than half as much as the originals at only 1lb 14ozs. They are half as thick too! In this day of tight air travel restrictions this is a big deal. The thickness is just over 1". This may be the best routine that packs flat and plays big ever created.

The new signs are tough as nails and will last for many years to come. The signs are now white with black numbers.

The training and routines are exactly the same as before. Five dynamite methods to cover any situation from close-up to parlor to stage!

"The Human Phone Number has been my #1 CLOSER for 21years!" - Bob Kohler

"The Human Phone Number has been one of my most closely guarded secrets. Until now I've only shared it with three performers: Tim Conover, Michael Weber and Jon Stetson. Thanks to all of them for keeping the secret". - Bob Kohler

Intrigued...Read on.

The Phone Book Test is a classic of mentalism. The basic effect is very direct. The performer introduces either a prediction or target to the audience. A spectator randomly chooses one phone number from the thousands and thousands in the book. When the prediction or target is revealed the audience is amazed because it's a perfect match of the selected phone number!

What makes any routine a classic? What attributes do all classics share? I believe all classics have three attributes. First, the effect is easy for the audience to understand. Second, the effect must be memorable. The audience should talk about seeing it FOREVER. Third, the reaction the routine generates must be tremendous . I'm talking about standing ovations. The Human Phone Number is destined to become a classic.

There have been many notable versions of the Phone Book Test in the past. Routines that stand out are Dunninger's, Anneman 's, Bob Cassidy's and Barrie Richardson's. I first became enamored with the effect in 1987 after reading Bob Cassidy's routine is his book "The Art of Mentalism." I tried the routine out for a test drive and liked the results. It was strong. It also got me started on my addiction to the plot.

In 1988 my good friend Barry Wood worked out an excellent Phone Book Test that he shared with me. Bob Cassidy's test reveals a name chosen at random from the White Pages. Barry's routine revealed a phone number from the Yellow Pages. To Barry's credit his routine used known mentalism methods combined with two brilliant new concepts. It was then and still is a very strong routine.

Next in my quest for the ultimate Phone Book Test was Barrie Richardson's "One In A Million." Barrie's routine revealed a randomly selected phone number from the White Pages. Great method. Great presentation. Barrie's routine was tipped to me with his permission long before it was released and I thank him for helping inspire me.

So why am I telling you this? I want you to understand how many years my work on the Phone Book Test has been under development. Since 1987 I've used various versions, methods and presentations of the Phone Book Test to close many of my shows with tremendous success. Along the way I discovered every possible problem you can run into, solutions for the problems, better methods and the Holy Grail of reactions.

So exactly what is the Human Phone Number? The best way for you to think of it is this: it's a Swiss Army Knife for the professional mentalist. The Human Phone Number is a kit that provides both props and training that will allow the pro to perform a killer version of the classic Phone Book Test in virtually any situation.

Where can I perform HPN? We've all been there. It's like getting tossed to the lions! The agent tells you you're going to do a formal close up show for 40 people. When you get to the show there's 150 people in the audience. What do you do? Here's the same situation in reverse. You're expecting to perform on stage for 500 but when you get to the show you find yourself only working for 75 folks in a parlor situation.

No problem. The included training e-book will provide you with all the solutions necessary to handle any working situation. These solutions are not just good enough to get you by, they're incredible solutions that will allow you to dominate and close your show with tremendous applause.

So what's included with the Human Phone Number? First, is the training. Michael and Lisa Close have authored an amazing e-book that covers all of the work in extreme detail. In his definitive writing style Michael covers each and every facet making it easy for the reader to quickly grasp the solutions. Lisa layout insures you'll understand the tiny details with great photos and Quicktime movies.

Many of the necessary props are items you probably already have or are easily attainable wherever you are. The training CD covers solutions for close up, parlor and stage. Also included is Barry Wood's routine. Each routine uses a slightly different variation of the necessary props so I decided to leave acquiring them up to you to keep costs down.

The props you do get have been professionally manufactured. I can assure you that they are manufactured to my specifications out of the highest quality materials and will last you for many years to come. My trial and error has resulted in an exceptional set of props for the discerning professional.

But is HPN professional caliber? The Human Phone Number is the epitome of the golden adage "Packs Flat, Plays Big." The entire kit is 2"x10"x13". It will easily fit into a briefcase. Included on the CD is the routine I personally use 85% of the time. It's called the Human Phone Number hence the title of this release.

The routine easily plays for audiences of 1000 without video support. Variations of this routine let you perform it in both close up and parlor situations as well. On stage it's perfect for any type of performance from corporate to cruise ship, to college stage shows.

And here's the best don't have to carry a huge, heavy phone book with you when you travel. Just use the phone book in your hotel room. The provided solutions cover every possibility. Sometimes you'll find White Pages in your room, sometimes it's Yellow pages. You can even run into phone books that are half white/half yellow. Not a problem. Every possibility is covered!

The "Human Phone Number" isn't just for mentalists, it's a great addition into any magic show. It's simply the most versatile routine soon to be in your repertoire!

Here's part of a review from the entertainment section of the Atlantic City Courier. Franz Harary's Illusion Show has a ten minute interlude by Travis Winkler. Travis features the Human Phone Number. Here's the review:

"The production is enhanced by the stage-filling sets and props, and by Harary's warm, non-imperious stage presence, which contrasts nicely with his grand illusions. "Mega Magic" also features a mid-show turn by Travis Winkler, who actually delivers the evening's most amazing stunt. Using sealed envelopes given to audience members who are arranged onstage in an ostensibly random manner, he divines a telephone number chosen by another volunteer from the crowd. Somebody should give this guy his own show!"

 Wolf's Magic presents B'TSUNAMI - B'Waves Big Brother! - EXCLUSIVE  

I'm a HUGE fan of BWAVE - however this takes it to a whole new level. This is the PERFECT card routine for any stage performer! Packs small and plays HUGE!!  This is a great effect especially for the cruise ship market! Loving this one.

It's another Hocus Pocus exclusive!

With permission from Phil Goldstein, Wolf's Magic presents the KING SIZE version of the Classic B'Wave effect!!

from Chance Wolf:

B'Wave has always been one of my favorite close up effects. The routine is FANTASTIC and the Magic is Superior!

I have always wanted to create a version that was large enough for any stage and manufacture it to the highest quality standard possible to assure YEARS of performance. Well, good things come to those who wait. After getting a bump from my buddy Oscar Munoz, I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. The final outcome is sure to please!!

Special thanks to Brian Cook for the COOL new name for the effect!

The custom cards are a whopping 17" Tall x 12" Wide!!

They have been fabricated from a STURDY Aluminum composite with an enamel baked finish. NO CARDBOARD to wear out! The Graphics are made from our exclusive Digitally Printed Vinyl Decals which are thermally laminated giving a near BULLETPROOF protection!! I can assure you the quality of these cards will far surpass your expectations and last for MANY years...if not forever :)

We have also included a Carrying Case made of a sturdy Black Canvas which aids in the routine as well.

EFFECT: Four cards create three Tsunami Waves of MAGIC!

Through an entertaining process of using "Invisible" cards, one of four Queens are chosen as the remainder of the "Invisible" Cards are placed into a large Carrying case. The Case is opened revealing four visible GIANT PLAYING CARDS. The four cards are cleanly FANNED OUT - the only face-up card is the CHOSEN QUEEN! Then you turn it over - its back is a DIFFERENT COLOR from the other cards! As final proof that you knew positively which queen would be named, you turn over the other three cards - THEY ARE ALL BLANK!

No sleights, no rough & smooth, no extra cards, just pure POWERFUL magic!