First copy of Book Arrives

First copy of Book Arrives

Great News - my new book The Real Deal - Survival Guide For Magicians has just arrived and it's looking fantastic. I have to warn you though - it's HUGE! Over 450 pages filled with wonderful stories by friends and colleagues, as well as tips and hints for the working magician.

The topics range from using the internet to get work, flying tips, traveling tips, tips for taking your own show on the road, etc. This book is filled with over 25 years of the real secrets of making a living as a full time professional. It doesn't matter what type of magic you perform, from close-up, kids shows to stage illusions - there is definitely something in here for everybody.

Here are the friends who have contributed to the book:-

This book also contains stories and advice from other professionals including:

David Seebach, Jon Allen, Matthew Fallon,Adrian Saw, Bev Bergeron, Vince Haines, Shawn Farquhar, Peter Mennie, Dennis Michael, Don Campbell, Ray Lum, Lon Mandrake, Jon Kaplan, Eugene Lim, Jack Poulter, Bill Bishop, Mike Super, Glen Foster, Randy Charach, Paul Long, Geoff Williams, Chris Cox,Steve Warburton, Jamie Bentley, DR. P MAGIC, Ben Robinson, Christopher Berry,Jim Kleefield, Cris Johnson, David J Greene, TC Tahoe, John Fitzsimmons, Kyle Peron, Tim Scarbrough, Joe Leo, Richard Webster, Alan Watson, Michael James
Samuel Lamerson, Peter Mennie, Michael Grandinetti, Wayne Rogers, James M. Ridner, Peter Loughran, Nickey Fynn, Danny Archer, Carl Andrews, Eric Buss, Nick Lewin, Keith Fields, George F. Ledo, Diamond Jim Tyler

Each of these pros offer some amazing advice and share some insightful stories we can all learn from. 

I am pleased to be home for the month of July. By home I mean at least I'm in New Zealand. My management company have landed a few great corporate gigs in July for me around New Zealand, as well as my one man show booked in Napier for the Art Deco Festival. Napier is considered the Art Deco capital of the world. They re-built the city after it was demolished by an earthquake in 1931. The Art Deco festival is one of their largest events of the year and I am honored that I'm the headline show for the event --- no pressure:) It's actually the first time my entire show will be presented here in New Zealand. I always find it funny that I am a Kiwi and have performed in over 100 countries, yet it's taken all this time to get my show booked here. I'm sure it's the same for most artists in their own towns.


Shimpossible Deck 52 Shim Cards - RED 


Retails for $100.00, but if broken up would be $520.00 in Shim cards!

Tired of buying Shim Cards one or two at a time for $10 each? Now you can have a complete deck of 52 Shimmed Cards at one low bulk price.

This Shimpossible Deck is perfect for all PK effects requiring a ferromagnetic card. Use them as a replacement card for Lethal Tender or combine them with Steel Core Coins for a killer Matrix routine. These cards will pass casual inspection, their power limited only by your imagination.

  • A complete deck of 52 Shim Cards!
  • Hand made and precision pressed!
  • Actual Standard Bicycle Back cards!
  • Made in the USA on USPCC Stock!
    Instead of buying a new Shimmed Card every time you need to perform some amazing PK magic, grab one from The Shimpossible Deck's army of professional-grade Shim Cards and go to work. Made in the USA from genuine USPCC card stock.

    The Shimpossible Deck is made from paper-thin ferromagnetic material between two cards, 52 Shimmed Cards packaged in two card boxes (the tricks are up to you). Mission Shimpossible, now shimply amazing!

    Stretching The Truth Lite by Tim Gabrielson 


    This ten-minute professional routine combines audience interaction, comedy and illusion resulting in a modern day Miracle! What begins, as a mind-reading exercise where you attempt to draw the volunteer's chosen animal cracker quickly becomes an unforgettable trick as they watch the last drawn animal seemingly comes to life right before their eyes! The crowd watches in amazement as you present the inanimate drawing to the volunteer proving once and for all it's simply ink and paper. This, of course, is received with massive applause from the audience!

    Benefits include:

    *Re-sets in five minutes!
    *Packs small and Plays Huge!
    *Not another card trick!
    *Uses common pad of paper found at any art supply store
    *Requires no refills to buy!
    *Uses animal crackers found in most grocery stores
    *Comes fully scripted and audience tested
    *Uses your own handwriting
    *Allows customization to fit your act
    *Jokes and one-liners
    *Updated handling
    *Performance tips

    Contains: DVD and Gimmicks