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Free Apps

 I've been working on this for a while now and I'm pleased to announce the new Apps are ready. There are two different free apps you can download for your iPad/touch/Phone as well as any android phone etc. The idea of both Apps is to let you know of what I am up to - to include photos and any news such as product releases, etc.

 The other Free App is about Vanish - International Magic Magazine - this is another way to have access to download the magazine and get updates when the next issue is ready.

Both Apps are FREE - to download:

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I had a busy week with two trade-show performances. The first was for over 400 event bookers from around New Zealand, and the second was for a company promoting their product at a Food and Beverage show. It's been a while since I have worked trade shows but both were fun and resulted in some more work. Trade-Shows used to be my bread and butter here in New Zealand so it's good to get back in to them. I am busy working on promoting these through my manager.

Top Picks from

While there is lots of new magic come in this past week at Hocus-Pocus I think the really exciting magic is from a private estate sale. I have been fortunate to get a few things myself that I have wanted to put in the act for a very long time! 

There are some really amazing effects for sale that you can no longer get, or hard to get. 

Here are a few of my top picks for this week - be sure to visit DAILY at the website as these items go quickly.

Joseph Silk Vanishing Pistol

This is a great example of a prop you can't get anymore and Hocus-Pocus only have one of in the Estate Sale.

Aquired from a private collector in pristine mint condition, this Joseph Silk Vanishing Pistol can now be yours!

This rare silk pistol vanishes silks like real magic! Drape a 12" silk over the barrel of this little gun, pull its trigger, and BANG! The silk has miraculously vanished, quick as a wink!

You can make it reappear in a Twentieth Century Silk effect, in a Crystal Silk Box, or anywhere you like! Karrell Fox even used this little gun with his Twentieth Century Silks effect:

"After showing the tied silks and placing them between the teeth, you display the third silk and drape it over the barrel of an automatic pistol -- this is Joseph's hank gun, it vanishes a silk and fires a cap at the same time. Aiming the pistol at the side of your head, you shoot and the silk vanishes. Stagger a bit and then remove the two silks from your teeth allowing the missing silk to come into view; apparently having been shot between them by your magical marksmanship." -- Karrell Fox

Believe me when I say that this is the finest example of this prop to come our way on a long time. It looks as though it was never used and stored away in a safe place for all these years.The vanish of the silk is so fast the eye cannot see it!

Blanks can be purchased in any toy store, silks sold separately. Now's your chance to own a piece of history. Perfect for both the collector and performer alike. Get it today before it disappears forever!

Benny the Mindreading Bear - Private Estate EB

This is such a great routine for family performers. It's one of the best examples of Mentalism for Kids. This is the reason I had Bill Abbott write the foreword to my book Performing Mentalism For Young Minds Volume 2. This belonged to the late Tony Blanco and was a hit in his act.

Based on Bill Abbott's Chico the Mindreading Chimp routine, this is the late Tony Blanco's own version of the effect, that he called Benny the Mindreading Bear. This is the exact same routine as created by Bill Abbott, but performed with a teddy bear.

DESCRIPTION: For the family show entertainer Benny the Mind Reader is a hilarious show-stopper and solid laughed-packed routine that packs small and plays big.

This entire routine appears on Bill Abbott's DVD, Bill Abbott Performs Magic For Kids.

After thousands of performances spanning a decade and a half, Bill Abbott has worked out EVERYTHING, structurally, physically and in every conceivable venue and in front of every kind of audience.

Bill Abbott has booked more shows from this one routine than any other in his repertoire. With this charming and hilarious effect you will be adding 15+ minutes of solid entertainment to your show that can be learned in a short while, with everything you need to make it your own.

This package is a one-of-a-kind professional compilation that includes all necessary props, including:

Hospitality - Private Estate

This is one of those solo illusions that the audience will talk about for a LONG time. What I love about this is that it can be done under all types of conditions. It is probably the BEST version of Any Drink Called For. There is a reason this is performed by somebody like Lance Burton on a TV show!

Hospitality, the modern "Any Drink Called For" act, created by Jim Steinmeyer and explained in his book, "Modern Art & Other Mysteries" can finally be yours!

Recently acquired from a private collector, this show-stopper can now be yours!

This is indeed a reputation-maker. Whether you perform at banquets, parties or on stage, Hospitality is unusual and different! Just imagine: from an unprepared milk carton you pour chocolate milk, strawberry milk, cola, orange juice, tomato juice, soda water, lemonade or any other drinks of your choice. Every drink is tasted by the audience and verified as REAL. Then the milk carton is torn open, shown empty, and passed for complete and thorough examination at the finish!

No flavorings or "essences" are used. The drinks are real. There are no compartments in the milk carton and nothing to add or take away. Nothing concealed on your body. Entire act packs into its own case. Sets up in about 5 minutes. Perform with or without an assistant. As an audience-participation routine it can't be beat! This is magic your audience will talk about long after the show is over.

Created by Jim Steinmeyer originally for Doug Henning's Broadway show, International magic star, Luis DeMatos, has presented this version on his network TV show in Portugal. Likewise, Lance Burton has featured this routine for several years now in his Las Vegas show.

Use your own towels and table or stand. All things necessary for performance can be found at any grocery store. No expensive refills or chemicals to buy - ever!

Please Note: This is a custom-built prop that features a slide that covers the holes once the switch has been made.

Condition: Near Mint

If you would like to add this superb effect to your show, you'll want to act now.

Why risk disappointment, this remarkable prop is bound to go quickly, and when it's gone, it's GONE