Art Deco Weekend

Art Deco Weekend

 What a great week we had. Last weeks BLOG didn't happen simply because we were on a flight to the Art Deco Capital of the World, Napier New Zealand. In the 1930s the city was wiped out by an earthquake and fire, they rebuilt it within two years. This was the mid-winter event and was fantastic. The summer event has over 30,000 people from all around the world. I worked for the events manager of both events about 20 years ago, so it was great to catch up with him again. Here are a few snapshots of the weekend including one of me as Chaplin and my son Jon-Paul. The first time he's seen me as Chaplin.

It's a busy time here in New Zealand for us. Corporate shows this month and this weekend a new event company has booked my full evening hour and a half show. It's a venue that is looking at a regular gig as they do dinner theatre. They have also booked me for end of year gigs so all going well it will result in some good work.


I have been incredibly busy putting finishing touches on the upcoming VANISH MAGAZINE. If you enjoyed the last two issues then I think you'll be blown away by the third issue. It is a HUGE 160 pages!!! The articles are out of this world and covers everything from street, illusions, close-up, coins, kids magic and mentalism. The magazine is actually finished just spell checking and editing it. I'm very proud of the featured artist this issue, as he is very famous in the non-magic world as he is in the magic world. We were out this week taking the photo shoot for the cover photo and it's VERY DIFFERENT.


Stati Kid by Tom Burgoon - FREE SHIPPING IN USA

This is one of the funniest kids routine I've seen in many years. Tom has really put together a fantastic product - if you work for any type of family audience you'll definitely want to include this. Heck, I'm even thinking of putting it in the Chaplin show with adults!!

This hilarious effect from Tom Burgoon's Comedy Magic Show is the perfect prelude to any kid effect!

You attempt to teach a kid how to do the old spoon on the nose trick. When he fails to accomplish the effect you explain he needs more static charge in his body. You then rub the kid down with an inflated balloon turning him into a super charged static magnet!

The routine that follows in nothing short of hilarious!

Check out the video!

HERE'S WHAT YOU GET: Tom's detailed routine; Spoons and secret stuff; and Royalty free STATI-KID music along with world performance rights!


"Another OUT OF THE PARK HOMERUN for Tom Burgoon! What can I say, this bit KILLS!"
- Doc Eason

Apple 2 Phone by Jordan Gomez

This is a really clever idea and a cool routine. If you wanted something different and very HIP this could fit the bill. As you'll see in the video you produce an apple, then change the apple to your iPhone. It has some clever features and the online video will teach you the moves step by step. I'm a fan of online videos rather than DVDs and I'm really pleased they have done this with this trick. From my own experience I know it can keep the price of a trick down. Put it this way, for $49.95 (or $35 for members) you get a really cool trick I'm sure you'll perform in the right place. However, with a DVD you could easily be adding on an extra $25.00 - so really it makes more sense to have instructions online. I started this trend with my Linking Hearts and it's slowly taking off within the industry.

Anyway, great routine, great props and in the right place in your act would look great.

The most amazing & original trick using your iPhone!


Apple + gimmick + online video
Bonus trick : Apple from nowhere

You can use any object for the final load. In fact, the most orignal is to use a Apple product like the iPhone or iPod... you can also make the apple vanish.