Books Now Available

Books Now Available

 I'm pleased to announce that both of these books have now hit all the magic book stores including my favorite

The first is Orange, Lemon, Egg and Canary. it's one of the most classic effects in magic, yet there is very little written on it. This book answers a lot of questions and has my own handling plus a good friend James Holguin's version. James's routine is a really great version because he does it all away from tables, and has put together a really lovely piece of theater. This book is Number 9 in the Pro-Series collection that I am writing. I have started work on Number 10, and again it's a twist on a very classic effect in magic.



Here is a book that contains over 25 years of my professional career. It is filled with tips, hints, advice and stories from my career to date. It also contains a lot of material from magicians all around the world. It is a HUGE book that will take a while to read, but even professionals are sending emails saying how much they enjoy it. I'm very proud of this book as there really isn't anything like it in magic.

It is also now available from


Coming up in October is the 31st International New Zealand Magic Convention. It is shaping up to be a great weekend of magic with international guests including Shawn Farquhar from Canada, Ken Scott from USA, Felix from Spain and The Gillam Family from the USA, and the one and only Mark Mason from the UK. 

The convention will be held in Christchurch New Zealand from the 19th October until 22nd October and promises to be a relaxed, and fun weekend of magic. Sadly at this point my schedule means I"m booked with other events so can't make it myself, but would encourage all others who are free over that period to get down to Christchurch and enjoy themselves.

What's HOT from This Week

Charlotte Pendragon's Wonderball - Limited Time Introductory Price 

This is proving to be an extremely popular item at Hocus-Pocus and one that is very well made. If you are looking at a floating ball then be sure to check this out!

Price $299.95 for a limited time...Price will increase to $350.00 soon.

A timeless piece of magic. Every great magic act needs something that either levitates or floats in the air. When it comes to effectiveness the Wonderball rates highly.

Inspired by the dancing cane, the simple and unique mechanics employed when performing the Wonderball allows the magician a variety of mind twisting moves and the possibilities are endless for further creativity.

The Wonderball is not only fully self-contained (including an instructional DVD) in it's own attractive carrying case, but the case also serves as an effective prop during the routine.

Pre-show set up takes only minutes, and hooking up at show time can be done on or off stage in a matter of seconds, with or without an assistant. The Wonderball can be in most theaters and cabarets with the appropriate background and lighting (a black or sparkly/busy background is best).

Also included is a 10 inch brass ring to prove there are no wires, trap doors or mirrors as well as an adjustable belt (cummerbund style).

NOTE: Magician must wear long sleeves of dark or busy background

The Wonderball has been priced not only for the seasoned professional but also for the aspiring beginner - both young and old alike.

TWIST & TALK Balloon Puppet System Manual Headstick by Axtell - PRE-ORDER 

Steve Axtell has really outdone himself. This is AN INCREDIBLE idea and something I think all balloon and vents AND magicians will want to add to their show.  

Pre-order yours today. Expected release date is mid-late September.

This is the manual version called "Twist & Talk" Balloon Puppet System! A simple to use moving mouth on a puppet stick ready for you to twist balloon characters on. So easy to do!

Give your BALLOONS something to TALK about!

Includes TWIST & TALK balloon Puppet Stick with Moving Mouth, 3 additional Mouth Plates for different sized characters, Stand Base and Free On-Line Videos)