Better late than never

Better late than never

 This weeks BLOG is a little late due to a busy schedule. I've been busy working on several projects, had a major corporate gig and doing some work on next issue of VANISH magazine. I spent several hours interviewing a major star for the next issue. I must say it was such a pleasure to talk to somebody, who has worked incredibly hard and is living the dream. He is also very down to earth and grounded, which is always a treat when somebody is such a TV celebrity. This person is equally a star during a live show as he is on television. Keep tuned to find out who it is at the end of the month.


Here in New Zealand this past Sunday was Fathers Day and it was extra special for me because it was my very first. I had a great day with my wife Natalie and our young son Jon-Paul who will be turning one this month. Where has the time gone?


Genetics by Sean Goodman - DVD


Wedding magic seems to be very popular in the UK - I'm not sure about other countries, certainly not here in New Zealand. However this is a cute trick that would be perfect for a wedding venue or restaurants where there are couples at a table.  It comes with the DVD with extra bonus ideas as well as the cards. Everything is professionally produced and will last a long time. Certainly something restaurant workers will want to consider.

MagicTricks is proud and excited to introduce to you Sean Goodman, making his debut with a blinder of an effect...a guaranteed worker and perfect for any wedding magician...completely self working, fun trick to perform...please welcome...Genetics!

A fabulous effect to show to a couple! You explain that men and women think differently and like different things. To illustrate this, you show some cards which have pictures of various items such as a dog, cat, iron, whip etc. and suggest that some will appeal to men and some to women.

The cards are mixed and then offered one at a time to the man and woman alternately. Any cards they don't want are discarded. At the end, to their amazement the man's selections are turned over and they all have BLUE BACKS, and the woman's have PINK BACKS!

You receive a set of specially produced quality cards in a plastic wallet together with an instructional DVD. The DVD runs through different handling variations of the basic plot, and also includes anothergreat routine which has a fab kicker finale.

PLUS, Sean also shares his brilliant double business card peek technique which can be added to the basic Genetics routine - this is worth the price itself! A truly practical peek that real workers will use immediately.

Genetics is a joy to perform. It's fun and full of audience participation. Simple to perform, immediately resets and packs a punch! And it's DIFFERENT!!!!!!

The feel good trick of the year!

"The Perfect Wedding Trick!"
- Wayne Fox

"A Real Worker's Dream!"
- Matt Daniel-Baker

Unreal by Bruce Bernstein - Book


Everybody knows I'm a huge fan of books, and a huge collection like this is one of my favorites. For those who have been in the business as long as I have will know the name Bruce Bernstein, a very well respected creator of many famous effects. This is a must have book for any performer - an amazing collection of over 30 years of creations, many number one sellers during their time.

Bruce Bernstein has spent over three decades creating, refining and developing some of the most devious feats of mentalism known to man. He's become a trusted, go-to source for many of the greatest mind readers of the last twenty years. He's collected an enviable list of endorsements from nearly every great magician and thought reader of the last thirty years. And now he's gathered together years of thought-provoking, engaging writing into a comprehensive hardbound collection that showcases his work in the finest possible light.

It's called Unreal.

This new book contains Bernstein's most baffling, amazing brainchildren. From commercial predictions (Eat at Joe's), to mind-numbing card miracles (Psych-Out, a revelatory 10 Card Poker Deal), to must-learn techniques (Bernstein Center Tear), and beyond, Unreal covers territory essential to every wonder worker's repertoire.

The book outlines mysteries with the most basic of objects: slips of paper, cards, and money, as well as inexplicable feats of thought reading: predictions, mind reading feats, psychometry, utility techniques for obtaining secret information, cold reading scripts and techniques, and more. Ten new essays compliment the tricks themselves, each written specifically for this book.

All of the miracles described in these pages are within the skill set of the average mentalist. No complicated sleight-of-hand or digital dexterity is required. That said, a healthy dose of chutzpah may be necessary in several instances.

It's all explained in a familiar, engaging style, expertly illustrated by Tony Dunn. Unreal may be the book's title, but performing the miracles it explains is most definitely within reach of everyone that reads it.

256 pages in deluxe hardcover; all material newly edited and expanded and illustrated, with an introduction by Jon Stetson.